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Size Guide & FAQs
Size Guide / FAQs : FAQ

To ensure you order your desired size, read this page. Any questions about sizing I will gladly help you. Visit the "contact" page & send an inquiry via that form. *Scroll for photos*

There are 7 different sizes. 

  • Tiny

  • Little

  • Small

  • Medium

  • Large

  • Thick

  • Jumpring

Tiny: Width = skinny straw/ chop stick. 

ex.) Individuals with sister locs/ micro locs 

Little: Caters to those with slim locs who need a snug fit, a tad bigger than tiny.

Small: Width = standard drinking straw/ pencil/pen. 

Medium: Width = permanent marker. Caters to those with fuller locs.

Large: Caters to fuller locs, slightly larger than the standard permanent marker width.

Thick: Width is about 5/8" of an inch, so a little over 1/2" inch & caters to those with freeform/thicker locs.

Jump Rings: Adjustable, one size fits. Can be worn on various locs sizes and hair textures/ styles.




How should I

care for my gems ?

Hair Jewelry:

It is highly suggested that gems are removed before washing your hair to maintain their integrity.


Can be worn in the water and laid flat to dry. 

Can I wear Hair Jewelry

if I have: 

- Starter Locs

- Straight Hair

- Curly Hair

- Braided Styles

YES! I make jewelry especially for those with locs but anyone can wear a piece of hair jewelry crafted by me. Jump Rings are especially great for all hair types, are size inclusive, and are easy to apply. 

What size should I order?

Helpful tip: Start at the middle of the chart (size small). 

If your locs are smaller than a pencil's width you want to look at the left side (tiny/little/small). If your locs are larger than a pencils width look on the right side(small/medium/thick)

* See reference photos/ videos below.**

Visual Size Guide + Photos/Videos

Size Guide / FAQs : Pro Gallery

Check out our customer Hair of Fame for sizing references.

Size Guide / FAQs : Welcome
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