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Gemstone Info  
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Gemstone Information

Gemstones have a tremendous amount of history & different metaphysical properties. They come in a diverse range of colors & formations. Here you will find brief descriptions of the stones I center within different gem designs. Please notice: this page does not contain all the information for each stone type. This page serves as a simple informational to better understand the stones and their properties as you wear them.



Amethyst is a natural protective stone. With strong healing and cleansing powers, it acts as a guardian against psychic attack, and is able to transmute that energy into love.

Some properties:

  • Stimulates Creativity

  • Helps battle Addiction 

  • Good for meditation and spirituality

  • Opening intuition aiding in decision making


Black Obsidian is a grounding stone, it is a natural volcanic glass formed after eruptions. It holds strong protective properties against negative influences.

Some properties: 

  • Helps with self control

  • Rids emotional blockages

  • Dispels negativity

  • Promotes clarity of the mind



Citrine is a good luck stone. With a strong association to abundance and financial prosperity, it acts as a boost to mental stimulation.

Some properties: 

  • Restores a sense of individuality

  • Rids emotional toxins

  • Improves decision making, learning/teaching

  • Helps attract abundance & wealth



Clear quartz is a great communicator stone. It is capable of transmitting and amplifying energies working to balance any surrounding field. 

Some properties:

  • Balances all planes

  • Helps concentration & enhances memory

  • Amplifies other stones

  • Cleansing & purifying


Fancy Jasper is believed to be the stone of relaxation, contentment, and completion. Its properties facilitate the ability to focus on the now.

Some properties:

  • Centers the mind and body

  • Promotes quick thinking and organization

  • Supportive stone for difficult times

  • Instils a feeling of wholeness, serenity, and being cared for


Garnet is a stone that aids in stimulating passion and creativity. Known as the stone of courage garnet stimulates creative talents.

​Some properties:

  • Increases willpower

  • Boosts strength and vitality

  • Powerful manifestation stone

  • Aids a calm and focused meditation


Green Moss Agate is a stone that aids in relieving stress and reconnecting with the earth. This stone balances yin and yang and signifies harmony and peace.

Some properties:

  • Helps release trapped emotions

  • Attracts prosperity, wealth, and success

  • Encourages gardening and the growth of new crops

  • Helps in making new friends


Labradorite is a stone tied to transformation. With its varied color of flashes labradorite (labradorescence) can be found throughout many countries. 

Some properties:

  • Helps with change, lending strength & perseverance

  • Boosts of inspiration & originality

  • Increases mental sharpness

  • Calms an overactive mind




Rose quartz is a stone of unconditional love. This stone promotes inner healing, self-love, and the strengthening of relationships. 

Some properties: 

  • Encourages self forgiveness

  • Fortifies relationships

  • Promotes self healing and self love

  • Creates a calm atmosphere dispelling negativity

Tiger eye is a stone that powerfully grounds prosperity. Having protective energy it combines with energy from the earth and sun to create a high vibration.

Some properties: 

  • Inspires courage in times of change

  • Excellent manifestation aid

  • Boost energy and stamina

  •  Self confidence and creativity



Lapis is stone that encourages self expression and deep self knowledge. It aids with developing intuition and discerning inner truths.

Some properties:

  • Provides protection from negative energy

  • Boosts peace & harmony, helps disorganization

  • Promotes mental endurance

  • Assists in truthful communication

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